Lead with Your Strengths

This interactive course, running from January to April, comprises eight one-hour modules, inviting you to unearth your five cardinal strengths using Dr. Don Clifton’s “StrengthsFinder 2.0” as your map. As you steer through this introspective voyage, you’ll discover that harnessing your innate strengths, rather than wrestling with weaknesses, is key to steering the ship of your personal or professional life. View the schedule below.




This course is made up of eight one-hour modules presented virtually over four months from January to April.

In this course you will identify your five greatest strengths out of thirty-four personality tendencies discovered by Dr Don Clifton, American phycologist, educator, author, researcher, and entrepreneur. You will use Clifton’s book “StrengthsFinder 2.0” as a guide throughout the course. You will take an assessment where every answer you give will be the right answer because the answers do not represent what you know but what you feel. You will learn that time is better spent using your strengths rather than trying to turn weaknesses into strengths. Rarely are weaknesses developed into strengths.

Once you have identified your top five strengths and learn to lead with them you will maximize your strengths whether you are leading a facilities department, athletic team or at home.

Module #1: ** Why Study Strengths ** (Hybrid)
September 25, 2023 – Live (only) @ Branson, MO
January 11, 2024 – Live @ St Charles, MO and Zoom

Module #2: ** Your Results I * Acting on Your Strengths **
9:00am (CT) Friday January 26, 2024, via Zoom

Module #3: ** The Four Domains of Leadership Strengths **
9:00am (CT) Friday February 9, 2024, via Zoom

Module #4: ** Your Results II * Choosing/Understanding Your Team **
9:00am (CT) Friday February 28, 2024, via Zoom

Module #5: ** Why Do People Follow? **
9:00am (CT) Friday March 8, 2024, via Zoom

Module #6: ** How Will You Move Your Bus **
9:00am (CT) Friday March 22, 2024, via Zoom

Module #7: ** Map Out Your Route **
9:00am (CT) Friday April 5, 2024, via Zoom

Module #8: ** It’s Time to Start Your Ride ** (Hybrid)
April 12, 2024 – Live @ Lee Summit, MO and Zoom

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