10×20 Mega Tradeshow Booth Package

Stand out at the MSPMA conference in Branson with our 10×20 Mega Tradeshow Booth package, providing a spacious and captivating exhibiting space for $1050. Benefit from an expansive booth area, exclusive membership perks, and essential furnishings to create a memorable event experience. Reserve your mega booth now!

Included in Total

  1. 10×20 Mega Booth: $1050



Make a grand impression at the annual MSPMA conference in Branson with our 10×20 Mega Tradeshow Booth package, designed for exhibitors seeking to create a powerful and captivating presence. For $1050, you’ll secure an expansive exhibiting space.

Here’s what you’ll benefit from with your 10×20 Mega Tradeshow Booth package:

  1. A spacious 10×20 booth area at the esteemed MSPMA conference in Branson, allowing for a standout presence and ample room to showcase your products and services to a captivated audience.
  2. Two 6-foot draped tables, providing the perfect space for displaying your marketing materials, product samples, or interactive exhibits.
  3. Four comfortable chairs, ensuring that you and your team can engage with visitors in a welcoming environment.
  4. A waste receptacle to help maintain a clean and professional booth atmosphere throughout the event.

Please note that additional services such as electricity, extra tables, carpet, or booth upgrades are not included in the package price. Arrangements for these services can be made directly with the Branson Conference Center at a later date.

Elevate your brand’s impact and connect with influential players in the industry at the MSPMA conference in Branson. Secure your 10×20 Mega Tradeshow Booth package today!

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