As of December 2023, MSPMA is proud to announce a new Masters of School Facilities Certification offering after you have completed our Core Certification program. The new program will consist of 5 modules. Check this page as new module information gets posted here.

Upcoming Class Schedule

Module 1

LEAD WITH YOUR STRENGTHS: Session 8 of 8 (in-person and/or zoom)

Session 8 in-person option: April 12th, 2024
Lee’s Summit High School
Missouri Innovation Campus
1101 NW Innovations Pkwy,
Lee’s Summit, MO 64086

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In the dynamic field of facilities management, understanding and leveraging your unique strengths isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential. The Missouri School Plant Managers Association (MSPMA) believes that self-awareness and strength optimization are key to excellence in our sector. 

By studying your strengths through tools like StrengthsFinder, you unlock a deeper understanding of your innate talents, which can be harnessed to foster innovation, efficiency, and leadership in managing educational facilities. Whether it’s a knack for problem-solving, exceptional organizational skills, or the ability to inspire and lead teams, recognizing and cultivating these strengths empowers you to contribute more effectively to your school district’s success. Embracing this approach aligns with MSPMA’s commitment to nurturing top-tier facilities leaders who not only excel in their roles but also drive positive change across educational environments. Remember, in the journey of professional development, your greatest assets are the unique strengths you bring to the table.

This Module consist of 8 separate sessions. Some can be attended in-person. All will be available via Zoom. 

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