MSPMA Excellence in Facility Management

Day Conference and Optional FMCC Module 4 Class

Join the Missouri School Plant Managers Association for a pivotal day of learning and networking, followed by an optional, in-depth Module 4 training on the second day. This event is tailored to enhance your expertise and connections in facility management.

day conference: Capital Project Mastery and Preventive Maintenance Insights

Join us for an exclusive opportunity to elevate your skills and expand your network!

January 10th | 1 PM - 5 PM | Social Event at Bar Louie 6 pm - 8:30 pm

Featured Sessions:

Control Your Schedule and Self Perform Capital Projects
Speakers: Salum Stutzer & Meredith Barton

Dive into the art of mastering your schedule and handling capital projects in-house. Salum Stutzer and Meredith Barton, renowned experts in the field, will guide you through strategies and real-world insights to transform how you manage and execute major projects.

Preventive Maintenance as a Best Practice
Speakers: Scott Dobson & Jim Rich

Uncover the secrets of preventive maintenance with Scott Dobson and Jim Rich. Learn how this proactive approach can save costs, enhance efficiency, and prolong the life of your facilities.

Network and Unwind at Bar Louie’s:

Wrap up an insightful day with an evening of connection and relaxation at Bar Louie’s from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Mingle with peers, exchange ideas, and build lasting relationships in a casual, friendly setting.

Core Module 4: Maintenance & Operations

Navigate the Nuances of School Facility Maintenance and Operations

January 11th | 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Join us for a day of expert insights and practical solutions at the MSPMA Module 4 training. This is not just another training session – it’s a career-defining opportunity for facilities managers eager to excel. Whether it’s about extending the life of your building’s exterior or mastering the art of preventative maintenance, this training day is designed to deliver immediate, impactful results. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your skills, network with peers, and drive real change in your institution!

Featured Sessions:

Exterior Building Envelope Maintenance: Unearth the Secrets of Building Longevity
Dive into the critical aspects of exterior building design and maintenance. Learn to identify and resolve common problems, ensuring your school’s exterior remains robust and resilient.

Roof Maintenance – A Comprehensive Approach:Your Guide to a Leak-Free Future
Explore innovative strategies for roof maintenance. From visual assessments to technology-aided tracking, learn how to effectively manage your roof’s health and budget.

Developing an Effective Preventative Maintenance Program: Prevention is Better Than Cure
This hands-on session guides you through creating a preventative maintenance program from scratch. Transform your approach to facility maintenance with proactive strategies.

Building Automation Management Systems: Embrace the Future of Facility Management
Understand the myriad functionalities of building automation systems. Delve into the pros and cons of integrated systems and how they can boost efficiency in your school.

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