Cost Effective Membership

With an annual fee of just $125 per district or entity, MSPMA offers extraordinary value.

One district person can register as the group administrator and add unlimited members from their district throughout the membership year. This makes MSPMA an affordable and inclusive option for districts looking to enhance the skills of their entire facilities management team.

Professional Development Tailored to Your DISTRICT Needs

Our training modules are designed specifically for the challenges faced by school plant managers. From HVAC systems to electrical systems management, MSPMA provides practical, actionable knowledge​​. Our programs keep you at the cutting edge of industry standards and technological innovations.

Networking Opportunities with Industry Peers and Experts

Connect with peers, share experiences, and engage with experts at our numerous events. Our community is vibrant and supportive, providing a network that extends beyond mere acquaintance into meaningful professional relationships​​.

Exclusive Access to Premier Events and Resources

Membership grants access to several day conferences throughout the year, specialized core module trainings, and the ability to register for our annual fall conference in Branson (Additional ticket pricing). These events are opportunities to gain insights, find new solutions, and stay updated on the latest trends and technologies.

Comprehensive Leadership and Communication Skills Development

Enhance your leadership and communication skills through dedicated sessions that prepare you to effectively manage teams and engage with the community. These skills are crucial not only for personal growth but also for the broader impact on your educational institution​​.

Advocacy and Influence

As a member, you contribute to a unified voice that advocates for beneficial policies and standards in school facilities management. Your membership ensures that your needs and perspectives are represented in important decision-making processes.​

Continuous Learning and Improvement

Stay updated with the latest regulations and best practices through our extensive modules covering all facets of facility management. Our structured programs support ongoing professional development and compliance​​.

Are you ready to join mspma?

MSPMA is a partnership that supports and enriches your professional journey in school plant management. For just $125 per year, unlock a wealth of resources, training, and community support. Join today and elevate your potential with Missouri’s leading network of school facilities professionals.

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